About Us

We first starting selling ergonomic devices in 2011 on our main site AllThingsErgo.com. We transitioned to an ergonomics blog in 2017 and continued to post some of the most comprehensive reviews of all things ergonomic including mice, keyboards, accessories, standing desks, and chairs you will find online.

Late last year we decided to launch this Shopify site to again start selling ergonomic devices. This time, though, instead of selling the industry-leading devices, we are only going to focus on really good value devices that aren't retailed in your typical locations...but can be excellent for your ergonomic health.

Over time we expect to add a few things, remove a few things, and even design a few things.

We stand by everything sold on this store. If you have an issue, feel free to use our returns portal, email us at support@allthingsergo, or call us at 808.201-8707.

We hope to continue to push ergonomics. We are using our devices more and more and now more than ever we all need to invest in more devices that can help maintain our physical health.

Thank you!